Make-up Tips

  • To reach a velvety textured-finish for the foundation, apply a shade which is one tone darker than the face color, then apply two or more shades of color cake foundation, and finish off with a final touch of luxery powder of the color of your choice.
  • Making eyes appear beautifully wide is easy with the dark colors . Apply colors like red, dark brown and maroon.
  • For an attractively shiny, sexy look, apply the pearly eyeshadows around the eye area as eye accentss.
  • Reach the ideal base makeup by using cream foundation together with the compact powder makeup. Top if off with a touch of loose powder for a natural look.
  • For a young, fresh look, use the silicone-based fluid foundation.
  • Get extra-supple lips with lipgloss .
  • Use gold reflecting powder for final touch.
  • For accentuated lips, begin with lip pencil, then put lipstick and gloss. Finished it by using the lip pencil again and the lipstick.
  • To have an effect of a wider and edgy eyes, use eyeshadows with silver sparkle.
  • Light colors are used to make features standout while dark shades are applied to create depth.
  • Use water based foundation if your skin is dry or you have a mixed skin tone.
  • Using eyeshadow glitter works best when you use it in one area to be more emphazised. This can be done in highlighting the applied eyeshadows and lipstick. Glitter makeup isthe collection usually isued to have a breathtaking summer look.
  • To achieve a full shiny look, combine shimmer effect with body cream.
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