Next to the fine quality of the makeup products that the company offers is the professional training courses. This offers our customers intensive training courses from basic to advance make up sessions which are facilitated by highly-skilled professional makeup artists, with corresponding certificates from Europe.

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The training modules are composed of unique, distinctive and specialized techniques in professional makeup which gives more opportunity for the company to acquaint our customers more with our products.

Basic Training Course

Package Details

  • 10 hours (number of sessions under customer’s discretion)

Module - Basic

Theoretical Course
  • Makeup Studio Product Information
  • Characteristics and ideal way for all face structures
  • Truth of colours
Practical Course
  • Cleansing Techniques Before Makeup Application
  • Corrections of Flaws on Facial Area and Under Eyes
  • Proper Foundation for Each Skin Type
  • How to Apply Foundation for Each Skin Type
  • Fitting Artificial Eyelashes
  • How to Apply Different Eye Makeup

Advanced Training Course

Package Details

  • 12 hours (number of sessions under customer’s discretion)

Module- Advance

Theoretical Course
  • Eye Shapes and Mouth Shapes
  • Shading and Highlighting
Practical Course
  • How to Reach the Ideal Oval Shape of the Face
  • Makeup Contouring and Highlighting
  • How to Apply the Ideal Foundation for All Skin Types
  • Eyebrow, Eyes, Lips Correction
  • How to Apply Different Eye Makeup